40 Year Anniversary

2019 marks my 40th year of being in business after working at the Amana Furniture Shop for five years. The 90’s were great as I hit my stride, then 9/11 happened and sales flatlined. Finally in 2006, sales were up, I was working on my house and it looked like there was a chance to go beyond just being in survival mode. Then the crash of 2008 pulled the rug out from almost everyone and once again, sales flatlined. It gradually got better, but I had several years where there were zero sales at half of my shows (I exhibit at approximately 18-20 shows a year). Because of my determination, perseverance, and shear grit, sales in the last two years have been great due to clients that followed my work for years and saved up money to make a purchase. Some folks said that they have been stalking me for 4-8 years. Others told me they gave up their vacation for a piece of mine. These are hard won compliments and are greatly appreciated.

All of this hard work for such an extended period of my life has extracted a toll on my body, so when you visit my booth, dare to be different and make a purchase this year.

To all of my clients and friends that have supported me over the years, a heartfelt Thank You!